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It's the 10th anniversary of Troma's landmark release Tromeo and Juliet! The first film written by James Gunn, who went on to write 2004's Dawn of the Dead and write/direct Slither, Tromeo and Juliet moves Shakespeare's classic tale of star-crossed love from 16th Century Verona to a crumbling modern day New York. Featuring all the body piercing, kinky sex, car crashes and dismemberment that Shakespeare always wanted but never had, Tromeo and Juilet is the most subversive and original literary adaptation ever put on screen!

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Special Features Behind-the-scenes material Special message from Lemmy of Motorhead "Truth or Dare" with the cast Lost scenes from the Tromaville Archives Never-before-seen movie stills from Tromeo and Juliet Troma Public Service Announcement

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