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Phil Silvers plays Ernie Bilko, a motor pool sgt in the US army. He is based at Fort Baxter, a small camp hidden away near a town called Roseville, in the wilds of Kansas. The camp is supposedly run by Colonel Hall, but it's Bilko that calls the shots. Whether it's poker games, betting on the horses, or when ever he was short of money, which was just about all the time, getting his platoon to cough up. Along with the other Sgt's from the Mess Hall, Signals, and Supply, Bilko is continually at war with Colonel Hall, who is desperately trying to put a stop to the gambling once and for all. One of the great classic comedy series from TV's Golden Age.

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Special Features 18 remastered black-and-white episodes from 1955-1959 Commentary by Dick Van Dyke, George Kennedy, Allan Melvin (Cpl. Henshaw), Larry Storch, and Mickey Freeman (Pvt. Zimmerman) Lost audition show Original opening titles Nick@Nite promo taping for the movie with Dan Aykroyd and Phil Hartman Phil Hartman Nick@Nite episode intros Tony Randall and Jack Klugman remember Sgt. Bilko on TV Land Special guest appearances by Phil Silvers on The Ed Sullivan Show and The Dick Cavett Show, and by the cast on Phil Silvers on Broadway Emmy Award highlights Allan Melvin (Cpl. Henshaw) episode introductions The Bilko Growl (audio only) Friars stag roast for Humphrey Bogart (audio only)

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