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An ancient treasure map points to a valley rich with gold and silver. Just as an elderly archeologist sets out to locate the treasure, he is murdered by members of the feared Gavin Gang and the map is stolen. The explorer's youthful guide, Bob Harding (Bob Steele), is falsely accused of the murder but escapes from the courtroom moments after he is sentenced to hang. To prove his innocence, the "fugitive" must head for the mountains to find the map and the treacherous gang of outlaws who stole it. When the sheriff's posse fails to locate Bob, they ask for help from a most unlikely source - The Goodyear Blimp. In what must be one of the most unique Wild West chase scenes ever filmed, rampaging Indians, outlaws and fugitives are tracked through the mountain range from high above - by dirigible!

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ALP4508 Hidden Valley DVD (1932/Bob Steele) $5.99