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See how it all began in this exciting, premier episode that launched the Quantum Leap series and catapulted Emmy-nominated actor Scott Bakula to stardom. Dr. Sam Beckett (Bakula), a brilliant scientist from the future, takes part in the mysterious Quantum Leap experiment-an attempt to defy the very laws of time and space. Sam awakens in the year 1956 as Air Force Pilot Tom Stratton-disoriented and suffering from amnesia-but with the awful realization that he does not belong there. In his confusion, Sam meets Al (Dean Stockwell), a wisecracking observer from his own time who appears as a hologram only he can see. With Al's help, Sam begins to remember the experiment that has trapped him in the past. Sam's only hope of escape is to right a crucial error in the destiny of the man into whose life he has leaped. Otherwise both he and Stratton will die. If successful, Sam will be free to leap again. And with each new adventure, Sam prays his next leap will bring him home.

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MC80902 Quantum Leap Pilot Episode VHS (1989/Scott Bakula) $4.99