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Rocky Jones, Space Ranger ran from 1953 to 1955. The special effects seen in the TV program were considered state-of-the-art in the '50s and thrilled young audiences of that period. Richard Crane, who portrays the show's title character, appeared in several other minor science fiction classics, including the serial Mysterious Island, The Neanderthal Man, The Alligator People and The Devil's Partner. Sally Mansfield was a contract player for Paramount Pictures, but is best known for the role of spaceship navigator Vena Ray in the Rocky Jones series. Scotty Beckett, who appears as Winky, had risen to fame decades earlier as one of the Little Rascals. Director Hollingsworth Morse had a guiding hand in numerous television series throughout his long career, including "Zorro," "Adam-12" and "The Dukes Of Hazzard." Escape Into Space: Rocky needs the help of a ghost to nab a notorious intergalactic thief. Forbidden Moon - Part 1: Eggar, ruler of the planet Medina has discovered an unstoppable atomic force on the Forbidden Moon, and plans to destroy any planet that dares to resist his authority. Forbidden Moon - Part 2: Traveling to the Forbidden Moon in a desperate attempt to thwart Eggar, Rocky and Bobby are taken prisoner. Forbidden Moon - Part 3: Eggar's fiendish scheme dooms the entire populace of Medina to certain death by radiation, unless Rocky can stop him.

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