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Burke’s Law was a detective series that ran on ABC from 1963 to 1965. Gene Barry starred as Amos Burke the suave millionaire Chief of Detectives for Los Angeles, who was chauffeured around to solve crimes in his Silver Cloud II Rolls-Royce. The series featured stylish settings, strange twists on homicides, and legendary guest stars. During the opening credits, as the opening title burst on screen, and a woman’s voice was heard seductively saying “It’s Burke’s Law!” The title also reflected Burke’s practice of providing wisdom …”A smart policeman never mixes business with vermouth - Burke’s Law.” Each episode had the title ‘Who Killed...’ followed by the victims name. The opening of the show revealed the murder, but not the murderer (that was left for Captain Burke to discover.) The show would use a blend of wit and drama, as Burke would sort through a suspicious assortment of shady characters. Each suspect was questioned by Captain Burke and his fellow detectives, Rookie Detective Tim Tilson (played by Gary Conway) and Sergeant Lester Hart (played by Regis Toomey), until the guilty party was identified. Burke’s Law won the 1964 Golden Globe as Best TV Show. Gene Barry won the 1964 Golden Globe for Best Male TV Star. Episode Details: 17. Who Killed What's His Name? First aired: 1/17/1964 18. Who Killed Madison Cooper? First aired: 1/24/1964 19. Who Killed April? First aired: 1/31/1964 20. Who Killed Carrie Cornell? First aired: 2/14/1964 21. Who Killed His Royal Highness? First aired: 2/21/1964 22. Who Killed Marty Kelso? First aired: 2/28/1964 23. Who Killed Avery Lord? First aired: 3/6/1964 24. Who Killed Andy Zygmunt? First aired: 3/13/1964 25. Who Killed the Paper Dragon? First aired: 3/20/1964 26. Who Killed Molly? First aired: 3/27/1964 27. Who Killed WHO IV? First aired: 4/3/1964 28. Who Killed Annie Foran? First aired: 4/10/1964 29. Who Killed My Girl? First aired: 4/17/1964 30. Who Killed the Eleventh Best Dressed Woman in the World? First aired: 4/24/1964 31. Who Killed Don Pablo? First aired: 5/1/1964 32. Who Killed 1/2 of Glory Lee? First aired: 5/8/1964

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Special Features Episode Selection Vintage Television Commercials Attractive 'Holofoil' packaging "Space-saving" 14mm Amaray style DVD case Both picture and sound have been digitally restored from 35mm fine grains

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