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After serving time in prison on a trumped up bank robbery charge, Jim "Trigger" Morton returns to his home town seeking to clear his name and wreak vengeance on the men who framed him. The honest townsfolk, overwhelmed by lawlessness, decide that Trigger's courage under fire makes him an ideal candidate for sheriff. When he accepts the badge, Trigger becomes the target of every outlaw in the county. It will take more than shooting skill to avoid the fate of his predecessors - the local graveyard is filled with dead lawmen who thought they could bring justice to the terrified citizens who hired them. Ken Maynard parlayed his phenomenal trick-riding horsemanship in the circus into a lucrative film career that spanned several decades. Although his temperament proved a detriment behind the scenes, he and his white wonder horse, Tarzan, were much beloved by fans of hard-riding western action.

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ALP5876 Six Shootin' Sheriff DVD (1938/Ken Maynard) $5.99