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Fans of Space: 1999 (and there are many of them) are lavish in their praise for British producer Gerry Anderson's mid-'70s sci-fi series. They rhapsodize about provocative, seriously scientific story lines, expensive production values, the presence of star (and future Oscar® winner) Martin Landau, and more. But there are others who look at the series' glacial pace, loopy costumes and makeup, cheesy sets, primitive special effects, stilted dialogue, and self-serious tone and wonder what planet those rabid fans are from. This two-disc set includes the first six episodes of the show's second season. Episode 25, "Metamorph," introduces Maya (Catherine Schell), a shape-changer and scientific wiz who, after witnessing her nutty dad's dastardly deeds, defects to join our Moonbase Alpha heroes. "Journey to Where" (Episode 29) finds Koenig (Landau) and Helena (costar Barbara Bain) returning to Earth--specifically, and bizarrely, 14th-century Scotland--while "One Moment of Humanity" (Episode 27) sees the evil Zamara (Billie Whitelaw) and her android cronies trying to learn the violent ways of humans. Intriguing ideas, occasionally rather lame execution. In other words, there's plenty here to justify the points of view of the show's adherents and its detractors. DVD bonus features include production stills, TV promotional spots, and interactive menus. All episodes have been digitally remastered, and some material that was not seen in the original U.S. broadcasts has been restored.

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Special Features Five episodes (#25-30): Metamorph, The Exiles, One Moment of Humanity, All That Glisters, Journey to Where, The Taybor Original Year Two promotional TV spots Photo gallery

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