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What do you do for an encore after confounding the general public with something completely different? Simple: give them something more completely different, from a semaphore version of Wuthering Heights to the last meeting of the Society for Putting Things on Top of Other Things (you were expecting the Spanish Inquisition?). This two-volume set contains for the first time on DVD in chronological order the first six episodes from Monty Python's second season. No sophomore slump here. Episodes 14-19, which originally aired in 1970, contain the signature Python sketches The Ministry of Silly Walks and The Spanish Inquisition. Also in the Python pantheon are the documentary about The Piranha Brothers and their reign of violence and sarcasm, The Architect Sketch, and the scandalous game show Blackmail. While the sketches, filmed bits, and Terry Gilliam animations are enduringly silly, Monty Python's Flying Circus remains a loony marvel in the way it shattered television convention. In Episode 15, a clueless Graham Chapman character is recruited to be the straight man in a sketch, but is not given the punch line. In the same show, the dreaded, but tardy, Spanish Inquisition races to make its entrance before the closing credits run their course. All three volumes are indispensable for Python completists.

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Special Features Includes Two Discs Containing Episodes 14-19: Episode 14 - Face the Press, Episode 15 - The Spanish Inquisition, Episode 16 - Déjà vu, Episode 17 - The Buzz Aldrin Show, Episode 18 - Live from the Grill-o-Mat, Episode 19 - It's a Living Exclusive Loony Bin DVD Extras: A glossary of Pythonisms, Troupe Bios, outtakes from Live at the Hollywood Bowl, sketch compilations, trivia & more!

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