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Six more opportunities to "Spot the Looney." This boxed set contains the final six episodes from the third and last full season of Monty Python's Flying Circus. More discriminating Monty Python fans are directed to episodes from seasons 1 and 2, also available on VHS and DVD. But completists can fast-forward or click through clunkers such as Prices on the Planet Algon or the rather obvious game-show sketch Prejudice to such beloved sketches from the Python pantheon as The Cheese Shop, a fermented curd variation on the famed Parrot Sketch, in which John Cleese is unable to get any "cheesy comestibles" from woefully understocked proprietor Michael Palin; the extended epic Cycling Tour, perhaps Palin's finest half-hour; the increasingly surreal Tudor Jobs Agency, in which an intrepid smut confiscator (Palin again) finds himself seemingly transported back to Elizabethan times, where he turns "the tide of Spanish porn"; Cleese's lupin-stealing highwayman Dennis Moore; the Oscar Wilde Sketch, in which Wilde (Graham Chapman), Whistler (Cleese), and Shaw (Palin) match wits in an escalatingly profane game of verbal oneupsmanship ("Your Highness is like a stream of bat's piss....") and the self-explanatory Dirty Vicar Sketch.

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Special Features Contains Seven Complete Episodes! Useless Tid Bits Pythonism Glossary Gillianimations Art Gallery Troupe Career Highlights & Monty Karaoke

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