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Beloved by audiences in more than 70 countries, this seminal British television series is just as enjoyable now as when it first aired in the 1970s. Richard, his son James, and James's wife, Hazel, comprise the aristocratic Bellamy family that resides upstairs while their loyal servants maintain the London household from downstairs. These episodes, set in 1914 to 1918, during the Great War, follow the upper class family's troubles in changing times and the ongoing lives of their resilient staff. The fourth season is more soapy than the previous ones and is best viewed in order. Outstanding cast performances and the dramatic backdrop of the war give this season its reputation as the best of the five. Due to limited filming budgets, the war is largely seen through home-front activities. While James and Edward serve on the frontlines, the rest of the family participates in the war effort as best they can, busy with tea parties for wounded officers, charity shows, and attempts to shelter refugees. Surprising everyone, Ruby even leaves to build munitions, only to return after an explosion at the factory. Marriages and tragedies ensue, affecting both upstairs and downstairs at 165 Eaton Place. As the Great War concludes, and things begin to settle down, England celebrates the Armistice and the Bellamy family contemplates the end of an era and the changes to come.

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Special Features The Making of Upstairs, Downstairs, Part 4 (16:9 widescreen and stereo); episode commentaries; and Russell Harty Plus with Jean Marsh and Angela Baddeley. SDH subtitles

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