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The first chapter in Polish filmmaker Krzysztof Kieslowski's "Three Colors" trilogy, Blue stars Juliette Binoche as Julie, the lone survivor of an automobile crash that killed her husband, a famed composer, and their only child. Despondent, Julie attempts suicide, but she cannot bring herself to take her own life. Instead, she sets about starting over, purging all remnants of her former existence in an attempt to sever her ties to the past. A piece in the trio of films loosely inspired by the colors of the French flag and their corresponding symbolic qualities, the basic focus of Blue is liberty.

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Blue is the first film in Krzysztof Kieslowski's brilliant Three Colors Trilogy and Miramax has pulled all the stops in giving consumers the perfect home presentation of the movie as well as numerous DVD extras of an unusually high quality. Exquisitely shot by cinematographer Slawomir Idziak, Blue has been completely digitally remastered and comes in a pristine widescreen anamorphic transfer. Music plays a central role in the movie and Zbigniew Preisner's popular score sounds fantastic in a fine audio transfer. The disc is loaded with so many DVD extras that they are housed on two separate pages. Lead actresses Juliette Binoche gives a remarkable performance in the movie, and in an extensive English language interview she speaks about the project, working with Kieslowski, and her personal feelings about the director (who by all accounts was a lovely man). Binoche is noted for her restrained, deeply internal performances and it's interesting to see how emotive and open she is in real life when compared to her stoic screen image. An engaging storyteller, Binoche throws her head back in laughter one moment and then starts crying the next (this happens when she discusses the similarities between a scene in Blue and Kieslowski's actual funeral). Binoche also walks the viewer through a number of the movie's scenes in great detail, as well as addressing its themes. The DVD also contains excellent interviews with Polish cinematographer Slawomir Idziak, editor Jacques Witta, and producer Marin Karmitz, all of whom come off as very warmhearted and gently charismatic as they discuss the project and Kieslowski in great depth. They, along with Binoche and others, join an English film critic and Kieslowski's American translator (film professor Annette Insdorf) in the disc's fine making-of documentary. Once you've digested all of this, you can watch one of Kieslowski's surprisingly good student films. Released at a budget price, this is as good as DVDs get. Special Features * cc "Reflections on Bleu" featurette * A discussion on Kieslowski's early years * Conversation with Juliette Binoche on Kieslowski * Audio commentary with Annettte Insdorf * Krzysztof Kieslowski's cinema lesson * Marin Karmitz interview with selected scenes commentary * Juliette Binoche selected scenes commentary * Jacques Witta interview/commentary * Kieslowski student film: "Concert of Wishes" * Kieslowski filmography * Original French language track * English subtitles * Dolby Digital Surround Sound * Widescreen (1.85:1) enhanced for 16 x 9 televisions

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