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The sons of Hercules have long been the special agents of the gods. When Ulysses incurs the anger of Zeus by blinding the Cyclops, the gods send Heracles, the bravest of the sons, to capture him and bring him to justice. The hero and his prisoner find their path blocked by many obstacles and are captured by an army of monstrous birdmen. They make their escape, but a greater peril looms - the savage army of the mad King Lagos is building an assault against Heracles' people. As Heracles returns to his homeland to prepare its defenses, Ulysses is taken captive by Lagos, and the two adversaries become unlikely allies in the battle to defeat the bloodthirsty despot. This classic sword and sandal adventure was one of several Hercules films directed by cult favorite Mario Caiano, whose credits include Fraulein S.S. and Nightmare Castle. Georges Marchal, who played Ulysses, went on play The Jesuit in Luis Bunuel's The Milky Way.

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ALP4684 Ulysses Against The Son Of Hercules DVD (1961/Georges Marshall) $5.99