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In a desolate European town, cannibalistic vampires anxiously await their prey. When a busload of tourists are stranded in the village, the undead army, led by a vampire Countess, pounces upon their helpless victims. One by one the visitors are slaughtered by the vampires in sadistic and brutal rituals. Those remaining make a final desperate attempt to escape certain death in a gory, nightmarish battle for survival. This Euro-cult classic is atmospherically chilling and features a veteran international cast. From the ominous creak of the inn's front door to the blood-thirsty Countess' eerie rise from her tomb, veteran horror director Leon Klimovsky creates a top-shelf ghoulish tale of bloodlust and cannibalism.

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ALP4174 Vampires Night Orgy DVD (1972/Helga Line) $5.99