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In this likable and fast-paced misadventure, Stan and Ollie join the Foreign Legion to escape Ollie’s romantic woes. The usual bumbling results, as the pair get in every kind of trouble imaginable when they try to master the exercises and discipline the Legion requires.

The Flying Deuces contains the hilarious, wild sequence when Stan and Ollie attempt to desert the Legion in a stolen airplane.The film also features the charming song and dance to “Shine on, Harvest Moon.”

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Special Features

* Preface by Serge Bromberg, co-founder and director of Lobster Films. (2 min)
* The Stolen Jools (aka The Slippery Pearls, 1931, 19 Min.): A short film made for charity and co-starring Buster Keaton, Edward G. Robinson, Barbara Stanwyck, Joan Crawford, Gary Cooper, Irene Dunne and many more.
* Laurel and Hardy in Tynemouth
* Laurel and Hardy in Edinburgh (1932, 14 Min.): Two short silent films about Laurel & Hardy's trip to the United Kingdom.
* The Tree in a Test Tube (1943, 5 Min.): A rare educational short about wood and its conservation. It is the only color film ever made of Laurel & Hardy.
* "This Is Your Life" (1955, 28 Min.): In this episode of the famous NBC series, invited relatives and friends talk about the two stars and their careers.
* The Original French Trailer
* Posters Gallery
* Stills / Promotional Material

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