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This deliciously witty cartoon adventure drips in wacky, self-deprecating British humor while dishing up spoofs, satire, and silliness. Conceived by the immensely creative writing team of Brian Trueman and Mike Harding, our title character (voiced by David Jason) is a secret-agent rodent who rids the world of dastardly deeds. Diminutive yet dashing, Danger Mouse follows Colonel K's orders while his faithful sidekick, Penfold, offers bumbling assistance. These four episodes follow the shameless schemes of evil nemesis, Baron Greenback. In one, he unleashes an army of washing machines to soak the city of London in sinister suds; in another, his laughing gas threatens the collapse of world empires by teatime. Whether it's pterodactyls in Trafalgar Square or a mechanical mouse-masher loose near Parliament, Danger Mouse confronts the enemy with nary a trace of violence. Though the television series (of the early '80s) was short-lived, Danger Mouse transcends cheesy Saturday morning fare, appealing to all ages.

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