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The army commander of an Arizona outpost, Capt. Jeff Stanton (Audie Murphy) despises all Indians until he falls in love with a beautiful missionary girl, Dawn Gillis (Linda Dawson) --- Murphy must change his ways because one of her parents is an Native American --- Murphy's attempts to reform, are unfortunately nearly crushed by greedy gold-seekers, one of whom (L.Q. Jones) is trying to start a war with the local Apaches.

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SPECIAL FEATURES 1. Trailers of the following VCI releases: Hellgate [1952] ~ Sterling Hayden, James Arness, Joan Leslie & Ward Bond Stranger on Horseback [1955] ~ Joel McCrea & John McIntire Little Big Horn [1951] ~ Lloyd Bridges, John Ireland & Marie Windsor Tall Texan [1953] ~ Lloyd Bridges, Marie Windsor & Lee J. Cobb 2. "Apache Rifles" Still Gallery 3. "Museum of Lone Pine Film History: A Retrospective" - A discussion with historian Chris Langley regarding the museums history 4. "Cut to the Chase: Remembering William Witney" - A documentary excerpt featuring actor Michael Dante 5. "Please, Hold the Spaghetti":: Apache Rifles and the End of the Conventional Western - An all-new documentary featuring EXCLUSIVE interviews with actor Michael Dante, western film historian/screenwriter C. Courtney Joyner and Lone Pine Museum historian Chris Langley.

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