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Of all the heroes of the Old West, few are as well loved or as easily recognized as the Cisco Kid, based on O’Henry’s famous character. Together with his bumbling, but lovable amigo, Pancho, Cisco has entertained millions of children and adults for many years. This rough-in-tumble double-feature stars Duncan Renaldo as our dashing hero with Martin Garralaga and Leo Carrillo taking turns playing the ever-befuddled Pancho. SOUTH OF THE RIO GRANDE: In South of the Rio Grande, the daring duo go to the aid of a rancher friend and his neighbors, whose ranches are being terrorized by a ruthless dictator and a gang of horse thieves. RT: 62 min, B&W, 1.33:1, NR, 1945 THE GIRL FROM SAN LORENZO: In the second part of our double-bill, The Girl from San Lorenzo, Cisco and Pancho must track down a criminal gang which has been robbing stagecoaches – disguised as Cisco and Pancho! RT: 58 min, B&W, 1.33:1, NR, 1950

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Special Features: Photo & Poster Gallery, Actor Bios, Bonus Color TV Episode, Interview with Duncan Renaldo

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UE8331 South Of The Rio Grande/Girl From San Francisco DVD (1945/1950/Cisco Kid/Duncan Renaldo) $9.99