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A solid if not brilliant thriller in the vaguely Hitchcockian, post-Charade model. The plot is repetitive at times, but director Edward Dmytryk soaks the entire film in a feeling of claustrophobic creepiness, and Gregory Peck and Walter Matthau give excellent performances. After a blackout at the building where he works, David Stillwell (Peck) is greeted by a woman he doesn't recognize, goes down to a sub-basement that doesn't exist, his job doesn't exist, and finds that his apartment apparently hasn't been lived in. Oh, the head of his company also plunges to his death that very night. And a mysterious gunman is suddenly trying to kill and/or capture him. But when David goes to talk to the police and a shrink, he realizes something shocking -- he can't remember anything of his life until two years ago. And after hiring a private eye (Matthau), he discovers that apparently a conspiracy is erasing all signs of his prior existence.... and yes, more hit men have been sent after him, at the command of the mysterious "Major."

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