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A murderous ghost returns to a small Japanese town after a twenty seven-year respite in director Koji Shiraishi's low-budget tale of supernatural terror. It was nearly three decades ago that the town of Midoriyama fell prey to a demonic, scissor-wielding entity whose horribly slashed visage was covered by a paper surgical mask. It was said that once one heard her ethereal cough, their doom was imminent. Her horrific slayings always coinciding with physical punishment inflicted by mothers on their helpless children, the vengeful specter is rumored to have reappeared as of late and divorced teacher Ms. Yamashita (Erika Sato) is about to discover just how deadly it can be to raise a stern hand to your children in Midoriyama.

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KOC4054 Slit-Mouthed Woman DVD (2005/Koji Shiraishi) $14.98 $13.49