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A criminal conspiracy to swindle young Jennifer Travis out of her ranch is being led by her conniving uncle Jed Travis and gang leader Kurt Morgan. The men are hoping to make a huge profit by selling the property to the railroad. When Jennifer turns to the Cattlemen's Protective Association for help, agent Tom Wade is sent to investigate. Wade finds a perfect opportunity to infiltrate the gang when he arrests Lupe Bardos, a gunman that Jed had hired. Posing as Bardos, Wade is on the verge of cracking the case wide open, but his cover is blown when the outlaw escapes from jail and shows up at the ranch with a group of armed thugs, hankering for revenge. Mystery Range is cast with some of the most rugged and reliable western regulars in Hollywood. After driving a chariot in the silent version of Ben-Hur, Tom Tyler began appearing in western features and serials. In 1940, he terrified audiences as the monster, Kharis, in The Mummy's Hand. A year later he reached the zenith of his popularity in the title role of the Captain Marvel serial. In addition to his starring roles in "B" movies, he appeared in such major studio film productions as Stagecoach, Drums Along The Mohawk, She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, The Westerner and Red River.

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