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The 1975 low-budget classic Death Race 2000 takes place in the year 2000, when America’s national sport is the death race, a cross-country excursion in which contestants rack up points by killing innocent bystanders. Meanwhile, a revolution is brewing, and rebels disrupt the televised competition in an attempt to overthrow the morally bankrupt President. Will Frankenstein, the mysterious reigning champ (played by David Carradine), go for the gold again, or does he have a hidden agenda of his own?

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Special Features: * New Anamorphic Widescreen (1.85:1) High-Definition Transfer from the Interpositive Film Element * David On Death Race: Interview with David Carradine * Audio Commentary with Roger Corman and Mary Woronov * New Audio Commentary with Assistant Director Lewis Teague and Editor Tina Hirsh * Playing The Game: Looking Back at Death Race 2000 * Ready To Wear: Interview with Costume Designer Jane Ruhm * Designing Dystopia: A Detailed Look at the Design of the Film's Now-Legendary Race Cars, Costumes and Futuristic Landscapes with Members of the Production, Design and Costume Crew * Start Your Engines: Interview with Author Ib Melchior * Killer Score: An All-New Interview with Composer Paul Chihara on the Creation of the Film's Eclectic Score * Leonard Maltin Interviews Roger Corman About Death Race 2000 * Theatrical Trailer * Theatrical Trailer with Commentary by John Landis, Courtesy of * TV and Radio Spots * 12-Page Booklet * New World Trailer

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