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Scott Brady stars as Sam "Shotgun" Slade, a freelance detective roaming the Old West. Shotgun Slade was the creation of prolific pulp fiction writer Frank Gruber, who wrote hundreds of stories and scripts with a western theme. At the height of the cowboy genre's popularity on TV, Gruber also created Tales of Wells Fargo and The Texan. Gerald Fried, an eclectic composer who wrote everything from early Kubrick film scores to familiar TV themes, contributes contemporary jazz music for Shotgun Slade, a first for television westerns! Donna Juanita: Slade interrogates a beautiful woman while investigating a brutal murder. Lost Gold: Slade goes undercover posing as a wanted gunman to flush out a gang of thieves! The Deadly Key: A mortally wounded man stumbles into Slade's office and begs the detective to find his killer! The Golden Tunnel: On the way to visit a friend, an attempt is made on Slade's life!

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ALP5148 Shotgun Slade Vol. 2 DVD (1960/Scott Brady) $5.99