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Scott Brady stars as Sam "Shotgun" Slade, a freelance detective roaming the Old West. "Shotgun Slade" was the creation of prolific pulp fiction writer Frank Gruber, who wrote hundreds of stories and scripts with a western theme. At the height of the cowboy genre's popularity on TV, Gruber also created "Tales of Wells Fargo" and "The Texan." Gerald Fried, an eclectic composer who wrote everything from early Kubrick film scores to familiar TV themes, contributes contemporary jazz music for "Shotgun Slade," a first for television westerns! Ring Of Death: A rancher is brutally murdered after selling his herd for twenty thousand dollars. Slade is shocked when his investigation leads to the victim's fiancée. Sudden Death: A saloon worker's body is discovered hacked to bits. The victim's widow believes the crooked bar owner is responsible. The Charcoal Bullet: A drunken artist is Slade's only witness when the town bank is robbed. The Fabulous Fiddle: Hired to protect a priceless Stradivarius, Slade has no clue that the owner himself is planning to defraud the insurance underwriter.

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ALP5709 Shotgun Slade Vol. 3 DVD (1960/Scott Brady) $5.99