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Johnny Darrel believes he accidentally killed his best friend during a shootout and swears to never use a gun again. Darrel may have to break his vow, however, when he gets mixed up in a deadly feud between Joan Williams' Sundown Construction Company and Brace Stevens' Tin Cup Ranch. Joan's company is building a dam on the land where Brace's gang drives their stolen cattle. Desperate to stop progress on the dam, Brace's partner, Menendez, takes Joan hostage. Armed with only his wits and his fists, Johnny sets out to rescue Joan and bring the rustlers to justice. Signing with MGM straight out of college, Johnny Mack Brown spent the better part of a decade trying to make it in motion pictures. He eventually did, finding his place at studios such as Mascot and Supreme, where he became a major box office draw and starred in scores of westerns. Sid Saylor co-stars here as stuttering sidekick Oscar, a familiar role for the comedic character actor.

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ALP5183 Guns in the Dark DVD (1932/Johnny Mack Brown) $5.99