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STRANGE INVADERS has a Paul Le Mat searching for his missing ex-wife (Diana Scarwid) only to find himself in the middle of a conspiracy involving the government and aliens from another world. Nancy Allen plays a tabloid reporter who joins Le Mat in his quest for the truth. Together, they uncover a secret that will change their lives forever. Louise Fletcher is a government official trying to stall our heroes and hide the extraterrestrial reality. Also, look for Kenneth Tobey as an alien, June Lockhart as grandma, and Mark Goddard in a cameo as a cop! Next, we have INVADERS FROM MARS, with Karen Black as a school nurse trying to help a boy who has witnessed the beginning of an alien invasion. The boy's assimilated parents are played by Timothy Bottoms and SNL alum Laraine Newman (Connie Conehead!). Louise Fletcher returns as a creepy, alien-ized teacher. There are plenty of monsters for our US marines to battle.

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MG1006941 Invaders From Mars/Strange Invaders DVD (1986/Karen Black/1983/Paul LeMat) Collector's Edition $14.98