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It is said that the devil plays for men's souls, So does Dr. Fu Manchu. Glen Gordon is Dr. Fu Manchu, the villainous Oriental torturer in four episodes of the fiendish '50s TV series. This collection features memorable appearances by familiar character actors and supporting players including Keye Luke, Steven Geray, Rick Vallin, Morris Ankrum and Victor Sen Yung and is directed by Republic serial veterans Franklin Adreon and William Whitney. The Golden God of Dr. Fu Manchu: The ruthless pursuit of gold leads the evil doctor to commit a brutal murder. In a gruesome twist, Fu Manchu sends a henchman to kill the sole witness, who turns out to be the man's wife. The Master Plan: Fu Manchu kidnaps a plastic surgeon to alter the face of Adolf Hitler (alive and in hiding), who will join with Fu Manchu in a plot to conquer the world. The Death Ships: Fu Manchu smuggles deadly germ cultures, stolen from a lab in San Francisco, through Hong Kong. The Prisoner of Dr. Fu Manchu: Professor Hu Yan, set to appear at the Conference of Nations, is given a deadly serum and replaced by a look-alike impostor who will disrupt the plans for world peace. The Assassins Of Dr. Fu Manchu: Fu Manchu sabotages America's supersonic jet fighter program by assassinating the scientists and executives spearheading the secret project. Dr. Fu Manchu's Raid: Reports of massive bombing raids on major American cities throws Wall Street into a selling panic. The Satellites Of Dr. Fu Manchu: Four American planes have vanished into thin air. Sir Dennis' investigation leads to the nefarious Dr. Fu Manchu. The Vengeance Of Dr. Fu Manchu: Fu Manchu tricks the president of a chemical company into producing poison gas for the enemies of America.

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