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Farscape Season 2 unfolds as a tapestry of histories and mysteries. Having survived Season 1’s deathtrap finale, John Crichton and the crew of the living space ship Moya attempt to evade the villainous Scorpius. And if the Peacekeepers weren’t enough trouble, Crichton and company soon cross paths with the ambitious, reptilian Scarran race. The crew’s unstable camaraderie is ripped apart when they discover the part Aeryn played in the brutal fate of Moya’s first Pilot. Things spin even further out of control when Zhaan is framed for murder; Crichton proposes to a Princess; Moya’s child, the battleship Talyn, destroys a ship; and Crichton loses his identity, his mind and ultimately, his very head. The season comes to a climax when Ka D’Argo enlists his allies on a quest to buy his son out of slavery. To get the selling price, they must rob a heavily armed depository — but the simple plan soon falls disastrously apart. Building upon the mind-boggling Season 1, Farscape Season 2 delivers even more ingenious stories, extraordinary new characters and dazzling special effects, from the artists at Jim Henson Productions.

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Special Features 22 episodes on six discs Re: Union: The original season 2 premiere Blooper reel Five audio commentaries Farscape in the Raw: Director's cut scenes Deleted scenes

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