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Girlish June (Betty Compson), a sweetly wonton lady of London, is solicited by weatlhy aristocrat Sir Gerald Courney (Gilbert Emmry) to lure his ne'er-do-well son Russell (John Darrow) away from floozy flappers and expensive liquor. While inspiring Russell to the heights of self-discipline and great accomplishments, June falls for "Sir Gerry" and he for her. At the moment their implausible May-December union seems possible, June and Gerry find themselves in a triangle of confused emotions when Russell declares his amorous feelings for his would-be stepmother. With dialogue that is full of lingo of the quicksilvered Jazz Age, The Lady Refuses offers a sly satire of class and cultural bad behavior.

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ALP4636 Lady Refuses DVD (1936/Betty Compson) $5.99