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La Cucaracha was the winner of the 1934 Oscar for "Best Short Subject." This groundbreaking musical comedy was the first live-action motion picture shot in 3 color Technicolor. It was produced by Pioneer Pictures as an experiment to demonstrate how the new process could not only render bright natural hues like flesh or flowers, but also the subtle tones of twilight or late night. Color designer Robert Edmond Jones uses his vivid palette with great expressionistic impact. The success of La Cucaracha resulted in Pioneer utilizing Technicolor in a full-length feature, Becky Sharpe (1935). Director Lloyd Corrigan was also a successful screenwriter (The Mysterious Doctor Fu Manchu, 1929) but in 1938 devoted himself exclusively to acting. His busy career included memorable roles in the Boston Blackie series (1941-1945) and Cyrano de Bergerac (1950). In addition he appeared on many top television series including "Gunsmoke" (1963), "Bonanza" (1964) and "The Donna Reed Show" (1965). This release also contains these other early color rarities: Chinese Lanterns (1935) Pastrytown Wedding (1934); Directed by Ted Esbaugh Technicolor For Industrial Films (1949) The Story Of Time (1951) The Sunshine Makers (1935); Directed by Ted Esbaugh The Wizard Of Oz (1933); Directed by Ted Esbaugh

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