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Rex Allen stars as mild-mannered Doc Baxter in this dramatic TV series of the early twentieth century American west. The bustling town of Rising Springs, Arizona is at the crossroads of an army outpost, vast cattle ranges and the railroad. When not tending to the illnesses and injuries suffered by homesteaders on the rugged frontier, Doc Baxter's life is complicated by crime and murder in the last days of the wild west. A general practitioner's world was never more dangerous than it was for a Frontier Doctor! After Roy Rogers and Gene Autry, Rex Allen was one of the cinema's last singing cowboy stars. Beginning in vaudeville and radio, Arizona native Allen found great fame as the familiar, gentle-voiced narrator of many Walt Disney nature films, as well as the 1973 animated film version of Charlotte's Web. Flaming Gold: An oil syndicate murders an old friend of Doc Baxter as part of their plot to steal oil-rich land from honest ranchers. Illegal Entry: The Doctor desperately tries to prevent a cholera epidemic from spreading in Los Angeles. The Big Frame Up: An unhappy wife murders her husband and tries to pin the deed on his brother. The Big Gamblers: Young outlaws try to lure an aging lawman into a deadly gunfight.

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