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The fourth Planet of the Apes film is set in 1991, 20 years since the assassination of talking, time-traveling apes Cornelius and Zira at the end of Escape From the Planet of the Apes. The couple's infant son, Caesar (Roddy McDowall), has grown to adulthood in the care of kindly circus owner Armando (Ricardo Montalban). Meanwhile, a plague has wiped all dogs and cats from the face of the Earth; speechless primitive apes have therefore been domesticated and turned into first pets, then servants of humankind. Caesar becomes outraged at the treatment of these simian slaves and accidentally reveals his powers of speech in front of the militaristic authorities, who kill Armando when he tries to protect his friend's identity. His cover blown, Caesar kick-starts a revolution that pits chimps against humans, paving the way for eventual ape ascendancy.

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Special Features * Closed Caption * Unrated and theatricla versions * Isolated score track (unrated version only) * Riots and Revolutions: Confronting the Times featurette * A Look Behind the Planet of the Apes featurette * J. Lee Thompson Directs Conquest of the Planet of the Apes featurette * Original theatrical trailer * Future News gallery * Interactive pressbook * Advertising gallery * Lobby card gallery * Behind-the-scenes gallery

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