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In the year 2790 A.D., a giant Ark, drifts through deep space, out of control, its crew having been killed five-hundred years earlier. When the accident that killed the crew occurred, the airlocks connecting the ship's domes that housed the last survivors of the dead planet, Earth, were sealed. Cut off from the outside world,: many communities simply forgot that they were on a spacecraft. They accepted that their world was fifty miles in diameter and the sky was metal. Content with their lot, no one knew that their world was in grave danger. Without a crew at the helm, the Ark was on a collision course with a sun. With Ed Ames (Daniel Boone) Trapped by a maniacal ruler of one of EARTHSHIP ARK's domes, crew members face double jeopardy. Their attempts to escape leads to an encounter with a renegade computer.

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UE3014 Starlost: Deception VHS (1982/Keir Dullea) $5.99