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All 26 episodes from season three--including "Basics, Part II," "Flashback," "False Profits," "Unity," and "Scorpion, Part I"--have been collected in a seven-disc set. 19 3/4 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital 5.1; Subtitles: English; featurettes; interviews; photo gallery. **26 episodes on 7 discs. 19 3/4 hrs.**

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Special Features 26 episodes on seven discs: Basics Part II, Flashback, The Chute, The Swarm, False Profits, Remember, Sacred Ground, Future's End Part I, Future's End Part II, Warlord, The Q and the Grey, Macrocosm, Fair Trade, Alter Ego, Coda, Blood Fever, Unity, Darkling, Rise, Favorite Son, Before and After, Real Life, Distant Origin, Displaced, Worst Case Scenario, Scorpion Part I Braving the Unknown, Season 3: Writers and producers Rick Berman, Brannon Braga and Jeri Taylor discuss highlights of the Third Season, including "Basics Pt. 2," the two-parter "Future's End" and "Scorpion" Voyager Time Capsule: Neelix: A new interview with Ethan Phillips and others discussing his role as Voyager's resident Talaxian, Neelix Voyager Time Capsule: Kes: An interview with Jennifer Lien and others discussing her role as Kes A Flashback to "Flashback": A look at the episode with guest star George Takei, Includes interviews with Takei, Tim Russ ("Tuvok") and an exploration of how scenes from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country were recreated for this episode Red Alert: Amazing Visual Effects: Visual effects wizards Dan Curry and Ronald B. Moore provide an inside look at spectacular scenes from Season Three episodes, including "Basics Part II," "Future's End," "Scorpion" and "Distant Origin" Real Science with Andre Bormanis: Andre Bormanis introduces famed astrophysicists who examine the reality of space phenomena as seen on the show, includes comments on the Wormhole seen in "False Profits" and the Supernova in "The Q and the Grey" Lost Transmissions: Interviews with cast and crew discussing Season Three Photo gallery

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