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In the waning days of the American Civil War, Missouri is being torn apart by outlaws and rebels. Jean Shelby, a tough-as-nails cowgirl who is more than a match for any man she meets, despises the Union forces sent to restore order in the territory. By using her feminine wiles, Jean is able to feed vital information to rebel raiders led by William Quantrill and her brother, Bob. When she is detained for questioning, Jean meets Union Captain Fred Raymond and does what she thought was impossible - fall in love with a Yankee. When Cherokee chief White Cloud, recruited by Union leaders to track down Bob Shelby, instead massacres the entire Shelby family, Jean swears vengeance. The star of Renegade Girl, Ann Savage, specialized in cigarette-smoking femme fatale roles that made the most of her gorgeous face and great figure. She achieved lasting cult status for her stand-out "bad girl" performance in the surreal film noir classic, Detour (1945).

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