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Storm Front part I Archer learns that he is an alternate timeline on World War II era Earth where Aliens from the future helped the Nazis invade America. Storm Front Part II Silik Helps Archer defeat the aliens and restore the timeline. Home The Enterprise returns to Earth and the crew get both a Hero's welcome but are also criticized for some of their tactics. Borderland (part 1 of 3) Several genetically engineered humans known as Augments leftover from the Eugenics wars hijack a Klingon ship and the Enterprise crew attempt to find the enlisting the aid of Arik Soong who took them out of cold storage and raised them. Cold Station 12 (part 2 of 3) Arik Soong and the augments escape and go to the facility where the embryos of the other augments are in cold storage. Their intentions are to revive the embryos. The take the people at the facility hostage and the Enterprise crew begins a rescue attempt. The Augments (part 3 of 3) The Augments attempt to start a war with the Klingons but are killed. The hostages are rescued and Soong is recaptured. The Forge (part 1 of 3) The Earth embassy on Vulcan os bombed and the Vulcan High Command asks the Enterprise crew to assist them and locate the suspected culprits who are living in one of the deserts. Awakening (part 2 of 3) Archer and T'Pol locate the Syrranites, a group of Vulcans hiding in the desert who are blamed for the bombing. They seem to be too pacifistic for that deed. Kir'Shara (part 3 of 3) Archer attempts to locate the Kir'Share which contains Surak's original writings. The Vulcan High Command is found to be the real bombers and the leader is deposed. Daedlus Emory Erickson, the inventor of the transporter visits the Enterprise to test a new long range transporter but is found to have a real motive of trying to save his son who was lost in a transporter accident years earlier. The Observer Effect Two noncorporeal life forms take over the minds of various Enterprise crew members in an effort to study them. Babel One (part 1 of 3) The Enterprise is bringing the Tellarite ambassador to prace talks with the Andorians but gets a distress call from Shran who says that a Tellarie ship attached his. It is learned by Archer that is is actually an unknown ship capable of disguising itself as other ships. United (part 2 of 3) Archer attempts to create a temporary alliance between the Andorians, Tellarites, and Vulcans to locate the Romulan ship that has been attacking them. The ship is caught and the peace talks resume. The Aenar The Entrprise crew learn the Romulan ship was operated by remote control. They then attempt to locate a reclusive Andorian subspecies known as the Aenar to see their possible connection to the ship. It learned that an Aenar was kidnapped and forced to operate the ship. Affliction (part 1 of 2) Phlox is kidnapped and forced to assist the Klingons in defeating a contagious illness affecting their species. Divergence (part 2 of 2) With the help of the newly launched Columbia, Phlox is rescued and a cure is found for the disease. Unfortunately, a side effect of the cure is that the ridges of the Klingon's forehead disappear. Children of the affected Klingons will also be affected. Bound Archer is given a gift of three Orion slave girls, but their pheremones cause male crew members to act strange. In a Mirror, Darkly part I In the Mirror Universe, The USS Defiant from Kirk's era in the Normal Universe appears and the Tholians capture it. The mirror Enterprise attempts to capture it. (it is recommended that newcomers watch the TOS episode, "the Tholian Web" before watching this two part episode) In a Mirror, Darkly part II In the Mirror Universe, Archer captures the Defiant and intends to use it to conquer the Terran Empire. Demons (part 1 of 2) A xenophobic human group known as "Terra Prime" attempts to stop talks to create a cooperative between several alien races. Terra Prime (part 2 of 2) The leader of the Terra Prime group threatens to destroy Starfleet unless all non-Humans leave Earth's solar system. These Are the Voyages... In the future Commander Riker huses the holodeck to experience the founding of the Federation.

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Special Features 22 episodes on six discs Over 3 hours of special features: Enterprise moments, Season 4 Inside the "Mirror" episodes Enterprise secrets Visual effects magic That's a wrap Links to the legacy Deleted scenes and outtakes Photo gallery

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