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After the success of Sorrowful Jones Bob Hope again turned to his top-notch writers Edmund Beloin Jack Rose and Melville Shavelson to pen The Great Lover. These talented writers are responsible for such Hope classics as Road to Rio My Favorite Brunette and The Prince and the Pirate. This time Hope stars as Freddie Hunter a reporter who is chaperoning a troop of scouts aboard an exotic ocean liner. However Freddie would rather pay more attention to Duchess Alexandria (Rhonda Fleming) than his scouts. But Freddie has more to be concerned with than his scouts and the Duchess-a homicidal gambler looking to frame him for his murderous deeds. The film also stars George Reeves (The Adventures of Superman) and Jim Backus (Gilligan's Island and the voice of Mr. O) and is directed by Alexander Hall (Here Comes Mr. Jordan).

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Special Features: Full Scene Access Bob Hope Biography Filmography Interactive Menus - "Vintage Hope

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