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Sign Of The Wolf (1941, B&W): Wealthy dog trainer Judy Weston has just had a bad day at the kennel show - her two champions got into a nasty fight during judging and were disqualified. As Judy flies the pets home on her private plane, a freak snow storm causes her to crash in the remote Canadian forest. Judy is rescued, but one of her dogs is captured by crooked trappers and trained to steal foxes from local pens. When the valuable fur-bearing animals begin disappearing, an angry mob of victimized ranchers demand that the canine culprit be hunted down and killed. Starring Michael Whalen, Mantan Moreland, Grace Bradley, Louise Beavers; Directed by Howard Bretherton. Based on a story by Jack London. Crack-Up (1934, B&W): Pilot Dave Miles flies jobs with his 4-year old ward, Billy, and his faithful canine co-pilot, Flash. Dave is framed and arrested for an airport payroll robbery committed by his arch-rival Hank Rogers. As Rogers flies off with the stolen money, wonder dog Flash must leap into action to stop the getaway. Dave Sharpe, revered as Republic's "Crown Prince of Dardevils," appeared in over 5000 films in his six decade career. He is best remembered for his remarkable stuntwork in such classics as Adventures of Red Ryder (1940), Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941), Perils of Nyoka (1942) and countless others. Starring David Sharpe, William Desmond, Roger Williams; Directed by William Berke.

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