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Episodes include: Widow Weep for Me: The episode that introduced Len Cariou as British Intelligence Agent Michael Hagerty. Joshua Peabody Died Here-Possibly: Murder in Cabot Cove . Murder in the Afternoon: A murder plot in a soap opera become all too real. School for Scandal: A mother and daughter involved in murder. Sing a Song of Murder: Angela Lansbury plays a dual role, Jessica and her cousin, Emma MacGill, a London dance hall performer. It is no coincidence that the singing and dancing Ms. Lansbury's given name is Angela Brigid MacGill Lansbury. Reflections of the Mind: Jessica comes to the aid of a friend being terrorized. A Lady in the Lake: Jessica investigates the drowning of a swimmer amidst marital and financial intrigue at a lake resort. Dead Heat: Jessica's niece, an aspiring racing jockey, is falsely accused of murder. Jessica Behind Bars: Jessica visits a women's prison then is held captive when an uprising occurs because of abuse and murder at the facility. Sticks and Stones: In Cabot Cove, Jessica investigates a land sale linked to murder. Murder Digs Deep: On an archaeological dig in New Mexico, Jessica ends up on the trail of a murderer. Murder By Appointment Only: A former student of Jessica's becomes involved in a love triangle that ends in murder. Trial by Error: Jessica winds up a jury foreperson in a take off of the classic Henry Fonda film "12 Angry Men." Keep the Home Fries Burning: Poised strawberry preserves served at the Joshua Peabody Inn result in murder. Powder Keg: An aspiring singer is wrongly accused of murder. Murder in the Electric Cathedral: A wealthy friend of Jessica's is murdered and leaves her fortune to an evangelist. One Good Bid Deserves a Murder: Jerry Orbach returns as Harry McGraw, in a story involving the murder of an actor. If a Body Meet a Body: Two corpses vanish then reappear. Christopher Bundy Died on Sunday: The ruthless owner of a periodical is murdered. Menace Anyone?: In Boston, Jessica investigates two murders at a charity tennis tournament. The Perfect Foil: In New Orleans at Mardi Gras, a distant cousin of Jessica's is falsely accused of murder. If the Frame Fits: Jessica investigates a string of art thefts and a murder.

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