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A family of miniature people find their existence threatened due to a forbidden friendship in this Studio Ghibli adaptation of author Mary Norton's beloved children's book The Borrowers. Headstrong and full of energy, 14-year-old Arrietty (voice of Bridgit Mendler) is just like any other adolescent girl -- except for the fact that she's only a few inches tall. Arrietty and her family are Borrowers: a race of tiny people who live among the regular-size humans undetected, and only emerge to scrounge miniscule amounts of essential living supplies from well-stocked cupboards and cabinets. Contact with the Borrowers' normal-size counterparts is strictly forbidden, but when Arrietty attempts to help her father stock up on necessities and meets 12-year-old Shawn (voice of David Henrie), the pair develop an unlikely bond. Shawn has come to live with his great aunt, and should she find out about the Borrowers, it would be disastrous for Arrietty and her family. But perhaps by working together, Shawn and Arrietty can figure out a way for the Borrowers and humans to live together in harmony.

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Disc 1 Original Japanese Storyboards "Arrietty's Song" CÚcile Corbel Music Video - Experience the movie's theme song, performed by innovative singer and Celtic harpist CÚcile Corbel Original Japanese Trailers & TV Spots "Summertime" Bridget Mendler Music Video The Making Of "Summertime" Disc 2 "Summertime" Bridgit Mendler Music Video The Making of "Summertime"

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