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Assassination in Rome Cyd Charisse (Singin’in the Rain, Brigadoon) and Hugh O’Brian (Ten Little Indians, The Shootist) star in this classy international thriller about an American woman vacationing in Rome whose husband disappears under mysterious circumstances. To her aid comes a handsome and courageous newspaper reporter, who is a fellow American but also happens to be her ex-lover. Espionage in Tangiers A deadly disintigration raygun is stolen from a government laboratory, and only the dashing and downright lethal special agent Mike Murphy (Luis Davila, A Quiet Place to Kill, Ypotron) can save the world from the evil-minded thieves. The Sixties Eurospy mine is further plumbed in this colorful cinematic nugget filled with baffling intrigue, stilted violence, and bird-brained but beautiful women who fall head over heels for Agent 077 even after he slaps them silly.

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MP7693 Assassination in Rome/Espionage in Tangiers DVD (1965/67) $14.98