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"Dead End," a new release by Lions Gate, is a low-budget, independent horror film by French writers / directors Jean-Baptiste Andrea and Fabrice Canepa that introduces audiences to the dysfunctional Harrington family as they embark on their annual Christmas Eve road trip to Grandmother's house. The films stars veteran actor Ray Wise as patriarch Frank Harrington, Lin Shaye as matriarch Laura, Mick Cain as son Richard, Alexandra Holden as daughter Marion, and Billy Asher as future son-in-law Brad Miller. "Dead End" also stars Amber Smith as the lady in white, Karen S. Gregan as Dr. Helen Marcott, and Steve Valentine as the collector. All hell breaks loose on the Harrington family's journey to Laura's mother's house on Christmas Eve when, for the first time in twenty years, Frank decides to take a shortcut. The real fun begins, however, when Frank falls asleep at the wheel and narrowly misses a collision with an oncoming vehicle. As he begins to drive away, he glimpses the white figure of a young woman standing in the woods, clutching a baby in her arms. Frank stops the car to see if she is alright. Unable to get the young woman to speak, he suggests that they (the Harringtons) should find help, as she has a large cut on her forehead and appears to be in shock. This pit stop marks the beginning of the massacre that the film "Dead End" recounts.

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