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Starring: THE FIGHTING REDHEAD: Jim Bannon, Don Kay Reynolds, Peggy Stewart COWBOY AND THE PRIZEFIGHTER: Jim Bannon, Don Kay Reynolds, Don Haggerty, Karen Randall Directed By: THE FIGHTING REDHEAD: Lewis D. Collins COWBOY AND THE PRIZEFIGHTER: Lewis D. Collins When Eagle-Lion took over production of the Red Ryder western series in 1949 from Republic Pictures, Jim Bannon lassoed the lead role, which was based on the comic book hero created by Fred Harman. Bannon starred in all four of the 'Cinecolor' Red Ryder westerns made by Eagle-Lion, which also proved to be the last four films in this popular series. This double feature includes the 3rd and 4th films in the Eagle-Lion series. THE FIGHTING REDHEAD: Red and Little Beaver help a rancher friend and his daughter in their struggle against a ruthless gang of rustlers who framed the girl for murder. RT: 55 min, Color, 1.33:1, NR, 1950 THE COWBOY AND THE PRIZEFIGHTER: Red is forced to enter a prizefight to clear the name of an old friend and save his own ranch from a crooked gambler. RT: 60 min, Color, 1.33:1, NR, 1950

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