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"Pain and the knife are inseparable!" That's what incredulous colleagues keep telling Dr. Bolton (Boris Karloff), a respected surgeon who is determined to develop a successful anesthetic to bring pain-free surgery to 1840s England, when brutal amputation is a bloody and commonplace procedure. Bolton keeps testing his latest "inhalations" on himself, and his son's warnings against addiction remain unheeded. Before long, the tenacious doctor is hooked on his own elixir, barred from further practice and the drugs needed for research, and so desperate to prove the validity of his work that he agrees to a Faustian bargain: In exchange for the necessary chemicals, he signs bogus death certificates for local body-snatchers Black Ben (Francis De Wolff) and Resurrection Joe (Christopher Lee), who earn cash by supplying medical schools with fresh cadavers.

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ID4469GO Corridors Of Blood VHS (1958/Boris Karloff) $14.99