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Although it's had a strong cult reputation since its initial release, Strange Behavior was the odd man out at the time: in 1981, horror movies were primarily of the stupid slasher variety. This film deserves better--it's more of an homage to the all-American 1950s B movie. Future Oscar winner Bill Condon (Gods and Monsters) and director Michael Laughlin cooked up this kooky tale of a mad scientist programming small-town teens to kill. Laughlin's long-take style gets under your skin, the Tangerine Dream score is unnerving, and the fact that the whole thing was shot in New Zealand adds a touch of the peculiar to the "Midwestern" landscape. At times the weird science seems to have infected everyone in town (a giddy choreographed dance at a teen party comes from nowhere), which just adds to the sense of general--you know--strange behavior. Condon and Laughlin followed with 1983's Strange Invaders.

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Special Features - Dolby Digital Mono (English & Spanish Language Options) - Audio Commentary with Writer Bill Condon & Actors Dan Shor and Dey Young - U.S. & Australian Theatrical Trailers - Deleted Scenes - Photo Gallery - Isolated Music Score - Filmographies

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