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Buster Keaton stars as Professor Post, a shy, clumsy scatterbrain who sees his chance for a new life when he inherits $750,000. In search of adventure and companionship, he meets "The Midnight Maids" theater company on an outbound train. Enamored with the troupe's lead dancer and duped by the shady piano player (Jimmy Durante), the Professor uses his inheritance to become the benefactor of the show. Convinced of their talent, he leads them to Broadway, where he is certain their "classic drama" will catapult them into stardom. When the production hits the stage and Professor Post discovers he's financed a girlie show, he'll do anything to halt the objectionable material - even if it means becoming the star himself! The best of Buster Keaton's sound era features, Speak Easily contrasts his befuddled, innocent character with the fast-talking antics of Jimmy Durante. Sydney Toler (the future Charlie Chan) makes an appearance as a bewildered stage manager.

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ALP4433 Speak Easily DVD (1932/Buster Keaton/Jimmy Durante) $5.99