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Hailed by contemporary critics as Gene Autry's best western, The Big Show offers not only outstanding musical entertainment but also exciting behind-the-scenes views of the filming of death-defying stunts. It even features Gene in two roles! Movie cowboy Tom Ford owes mobster Rico $10,000 in gambling debt, and the crook expects payment in full. But after the egocentric silver screen icon skips Hollywood for a vacation, look-alike performer Gene Autry is dispatched by Mammoth Studios to fill in for its fugitive actor at the Texas Centennial in Dallas. Mistaking the radio singer for the matinee idol who borrowed the ten grand, the gangsters race to Texas to collect. This delightful and action-filled Republic Pictures entry is highlighted by rare views of the historic studio lot and "B" western filmmaking. The amazing location scenes of the Texas Centennial Exposition were filmed in September 1936. Joining Gene and his trusty horse Champion are the Texas Rangers, the Sons of the Pioneers, and the Beverly Hill Billies (with Smiley Burnette). And the singing cowboy legend has a great time lampooning his own image as vain and spoiled Tom Ford - the film star who can't sing a note.

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