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Flame of The Barbary Coast: John Wayne is "Duke," a good-hearted rancher from Montana who comes to San Francisco to collect a debt owedto him by Tito (Joseph Schildkraut), slick owner of a casino. He falls in love with Flaxen (ann Dvorak), the beautiful saloon singer engaged to Tito! Duke loses his hard-earned bankroll at Tito's casino forcing him to leave town. But not for long! The next time he comes to town, his luck radically changes. In fact, he's so lucky that he almost cleans out Titl's casino. With his winnings, Duke builds a casino across the street from tito, hiring Flaxen to star in his floor show. All goes well until the great San Fransisco earthquake forces Duke, Flaxen and all the residents of the city to regroup and rebuild. William Frawley also stars in this exciging drama featuring "the Duke" at his larger than life finest. Santa Fe Stampede: An old friend of the Mesquiteers strikes gold and plans to give the trio half the claim. But the town's crooked mayor and his ruthless henchmen have their own ideas. Murder follows in their path, and Stony (John Wayne), accused of the crime, faces a lynch mob that wants revenge! Westward Ho: While searching for the brother he has been separated from since childhood, John Wayne forms a vigilante group to catch a vicious band of outlaws. On the trail of the bandits, Wayne comes face-to-face with his biggest fear: the brother he has been trying to findis the leader of the gang. The Fighting Kentuckian: John Wayne sets the wild "frontier" ablaze in this thrilling romantic adventure! Leading a regiment of Kentucky riflemen, Wayne passes through a settlement of dispatriated French families, all wealthy refugees of war from Napoleon's court. When there, Wayne's heart is captured by the French general's daughter. But a rich and powerful rival, Blake Randolph, also has his heart set on her. As the two suitors lock horns, Wayne discovers his rival has a nefarious scheme up his sleeve, and soon the courtship battle escalates into a full-scale war. It's "The Duke" at his best as the fighting Kentuckian battles for his love and the land of the free!

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LGE29289 Fighting Kentuckian/Flame of Barbary Coast/Santa Fe Stampede/Westward Ho DVD (1935-49/John Wayne) $9.98