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"There are people who can slap you on the back with one hand and pick your pocket with the other... and it could happen to you." Ripped from the case files of police forces across the country, "Racket Squad" sought to expose the devious machinations of the con man. Running from 1951-1953, "Racket Squad" was one of the first series to portray the gritty reality of criminal investigation and was twice nominated for an Emmy award. The Case Of The Condemned Cattle: Conman Bart Carroll poses as a cattleman with a livestock problem. He convinces honest payroll clerk Jim Daly to "borrow" $5000 from his employers to help out. Two For One: George Collins is sorely in need of cash to make much-needed imrovements to his struggling factory. When counterfeiters approach him with a get-rich-quick scheme, he jumps at the chance. The Case Of The Matchmaker: A debonair philatelist from Vienna woos a gullible young woman in America. He talks her into taking his "valuable" stamp collection as collateral for a sizable loan. The Case Of No Questions Asked: Lillian Lester is a poor working widow with a young child. Desperate for reliable babysitting service, she unknowingly leaves her little daughter at a dangerously substandard, unlicensed day care center.

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