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The Mystery Man (1935, B&W, 101 minutes): Robert Armstrong is fast-talking reporter Larry Doyle. Quitting his star position at a Chicago paper and celebrating with an all-night bender, Doyle wakes up to find himself in St. Louis! Taking all in stride and dispensing wise cracks like bullets, Doyle quickly becomes entangled with Anne (Maxine Doyle) and a mysterious killer terrorizing the city known only as "The Eel." After a pistol owned by Doyle falls into the hands of The Eel and is used in the latest murder spree, Doyle must crack the case before the St. Louis police arrest the wrong man! Starring Robert Armstrong and Maxine Doyle; Directed by Ray McCarey. The Racketeer (1929, B&W, 65 minutes): Though he rules New York City with an iron fist, well-heeled gangster Mahlon Keane has a heart of gold. At a charity benefit he meets and rescues fallen woman Rhoda (Carole Lombard). Smitten with her beauty, Keane later tracks Rhoda down and discovers that she is desperately trying to support her alcoholic ex-husband and his failing music career. Keane lets his heart get in the way of his business as he agrees to help her, and ends up fighting for his life! Starring Robert Armstrong, Carole Lombard; Directed by Howard Higgin.

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